WinHost vs Dotster – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

WinHost vs Dotster – ASP.NET Hosting Comparison

If you try to tell which one is the better ASP.NET hosting provider, you can save much time and energy under the guidance of the WinHost vs Dotster comparison. We try to provide you with as much as details on the hosting fees, available features, hosting reliability, hosting performance, and technical support. In this way, you can have a better understanding of our words and make a clear decision.

To start with, we would like to show how we evaluate their ASP.NET hosting on the basis of our investigation. WinHost, an ASP.NET hosting expert, can meet your high requirements for hosting fees, Windows features, hosting environment, and support quality. In the long run, you are more advised to go with WinHost.

Rating WinHost Dotster
Basic Features & Extras 4 5
Support Holding Time 4 5
Hosting Fees 5 4
Developer-Friendly Features 4.5 2
Hosting Environment 4.5 3
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Dotster Edges over WinHost

Richer server resources & more free extras

When shopping for an ASP.NET hosting solution, you are likely to leave expensive hosting providers out of consideration. To be honest, WinHost and Dotster are affordable hosting providers while the latter one is superior to the former one when it comes to server resources.

The below table is made for you to have a quick view on what features you can get from their basic plan. Dotster stands out in the competition due to the 1-year free domain name, free ad credits, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. However, there is no real unlimited hosting because you will be punished if you overuse the server resources.

Basic Features WinHost Dotster
Plan Basic Plan Essential Hosting
New Domain $15.87/yr Free for 1 Year
Ad Credits No $100
Disk Space 3 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 50 GB Unlimited
Email Accounts 250 100
FTP Accounts 5 5
Database 2 10

More responsive technical support

WinHost allows you to submit a help ticket, browse the knowledgebase, and visit forum. However, Dotster also provides more contact tunnels, such as, live chat, phone number, and more. Under normal circumstances, Dotster has no problem to provide a more responsive technical support. Such is the fact that Dotster makes quicker responses during our tests.

In fact, WinHost also tries their best to minimize the support holding time. Thanks to the efforts, this web host only takes less than 20 minutes to answer our tickets, which are acceptable to wait for much more professional responses.

WinHost Edges over Dotster

Cheaper hosting fees

The starting price of WinHost is $3.95/mo with the exclusive promotional link and that of Dotster is $4.75/mo. In addition, WinHost also allows you to send the payment quarterly. In a word, you can reduce your upfront investment with WinHost. It is possible for you to enjoy the bigger discount with a long-term payment or to better control your budget with the short-term payment.

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More developer-friendly Windows features

WinHost includes the very latest versions of development software at affordable prices, such as, Windows server 2012, ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC 6, IIS 8, and many more. When we browse the Dotster official site, we have not found the detailed versions of such features from the feature list. If you are a more advanced user, you’d better think twice before subscription.

Admittedly, WinHost and Dotster have something in common. In detail, they develop their own control panel without relying on the third parties, they allow a full refund within 30 days, they support programming languages like Perl and Python, and more.

Advanced Features WinHost Dotster
Control Panel Custom Custom
Trust Level Full/Medium Medium
Windows Server 2008/2012 2008
MSSQL 2016/2014/2012/2008 2012
ASP.NET 5/4.6 Unknown
ASP.NET MVC 6/5 Unknown
IIS 8/7 Unknown
PHP 7/5.x 5
Classic ASP Yes Yes
MS Deploy Yes No
SSH Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ad Credits No Yes
Full Refund 30 Days 30 Days
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

Better hosting environment

On the market, most web hosts will show their confidence to make an uptime guarantee using credits for the service failure. WinHost claims to reach 99.9% uptime while Dotster is cautious with the words. To reveal whether they are reliable ASP.NET hosting providers, we not only keep a record of the uptime but also gather feedbacks from real users. WinHost has achieved an average of 100% uptime and received public praise on the reliability, in sharp contrast to Dotster.

Similarly, there is a sharp gap between the two web hosts when it comes to speed. Doster has a bad speed record with the average of 600ms server response at normal times and it doubles the time on some occasions. However, WinHost only takes about 3 seconds to load each page. There are some reasons for the WinHost excellent job.

  • The Dell servers are configured with 64 bit software, RAID 10 disk arrays, 32 GB RAM, and dual quad-core.
  • The data centers are equipped with uninterrupted power system, diesel generators, firewall protection, and other advanced facilities.
  • Everything new will be thoroughly tested and considered stable before the installation on the web server.
  • WinHost hosts each element of the services on separate servers.

Final Verdict

Given the great importance of the hosting environment, we stick to the idea that WinHost is the better ASP.NET hosting provider. At the same time, this web host also provides you with more developer-friendly Windows features and a more professional technical support.