WinHost VS SmarterASP.NET – Which Is More Professional in ASP.NET Hosting

WinHost VS SmarterASP.NET – Which Is More Professional in ASP.NET Hosting

WinHost has run business in the industry for 6 years and sets out to provide users affordable world-class hosting service. Unlike other hosting companies, WinHost only focuses on Windows hosting solutions. With commitment and hard work, WinHost is honored with awards from the industry authorities.

As for SmarterASP.NET, founded in 1999, it is well-experienced in the industry. Differing from WinHost, SmarterASP.NET has multiple series of products including VPS, Windows hosting and reseller hosting.

This comparison is all about Windows hosting. Here is a rating comparison for overall evaluation about both companies. And details about price, features, performance and customer support will be presented below.

Ratings WinHost SmarterASP.NET
Overall 5 of 5 stars 2.5 of 5 stars
Features 4.5 of 5 stars  2 of 5 stars
Uptime 5 of 5 stars 3.5 of 5 stars
Technical Support 4 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars
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For ASP.NET hosting, WinHost has three solutions, namely Basic Plan, Max Plan and Ultimate Plan. And the company offers 20% discount, so you only need to pay at $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $15.95/mo respectively.

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Considering SmarterASP.NET, there are four options: W60-US, W500-US, W1000-US and W1050-US. Among the four plans, W60-US plan is free for users. The rest three plans are priced at $2.95/mo, $4.95/mo and $7.95/mo regularly.

For payment methods, WinHost only accepts credit card while SmarterASP.NET is also ok with debit card. If you want to cancel your account, you can apply for refund within 30 days with WinHost and 60 days with SmarterASP.NET.


There is much feature information available about both companies. For your concise grape of their Windows hosting, we select some major features below for your references. Both companies provide several plans, and we only choose their primary plans as examples for feature comparison.

Features WinHost SmarterASP.NET
Plan in Comparison Basic W500-US
Disk Space 3 GB Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth 50 GB Unlimited
Website 1 1
Free Domain Name One Year $10/yr
Domain Privacy One Year $8/yr
ASP.NET 4.5.1 4.5
MVC 5 5
ASP.NET Control Panel Yes Yes
Isolated Application Pool Yes N/A
Price $3.95/mo $2.95/mo
URL Rewrite Module 2 Yes No
Isolated Application Pool Yes No
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

From the table above, you can notice that WinHost Windows plan is more powerful and economically-friendly than SmarterASP.NET. There are many hidden fees in SmarterASP.NET. Overall, you need to pay more with SmarterASP.NET than WinHost. Besides, SmarterASP.NET doesn’t support many major features like isolated application pool.


performance As for performance, you’d better check their uptime performance. Both companies promise 99.9% uptime while the reality proves to be different. WinHost uses industry-leading technologies and almost all of their features are the latest ones.

According to data and customer feedbacks, WinHost performs better uptime than SmarterASP.NET. Lacking of certain infrastructure and features, SmarterASP.NET had several outages in the last year and serious downtimes also happened.

In order to provide fast speed, both companies have taken measures. WinHost uses 100% Dell dual quad core servers with 32GB RAM. Besides, they use world-class network providers and have their network under 24×7 monitoring so as to keep your websites running at the fastest speed. Similarly, SmarterASP.NET has also taken the similar measures.

However, customers report that SmarterASP.NET is often slow and sometimes hosted websites simply cannot visit, which annoys their users and leads to many complaints. But WinHost is doing generally ok.

Customer Support

ustomer service is the most direct way to evaluate their performance and service. Nice people, proactive attitude and professional knowledge are the basic three criteria.

Both companies support email and SmarterASP.NET also supports live chat and phone. But WinHost has developed their support portal so you can just send ticket on your phone, which is quite convenient and high-efficient.

In general, there is no huge difference between the two companies. But WinHost is really catching the tide of the era and their support portal can be a good support of that.


After comparison, you can notice SmarterASP.NET really performs poorly in features and price. And sometimes, its uptime is not satisfying either. So, we recommend WinHost for Windows hosting solution.