Winity Review – Is the Windows VPS Good?

Winity Review – Is the Windows VPS Good?

Established in December 2013, Winity is a fairly young web host dedicated to Windows VPS hosting. It is operated by Nodisto IT, LLC, a company which also owns many other well-known brands including VPSDime and Backupsy.

If you have heard about Winity and want to know more about its offerings and service quality, then this review is tailored for you. In below, you can get details about the highlights and drawbacks of Winity Windows VPS hosting plans.

At the beginning, we’d like to show the unbiased ratings made on the basis of months’ monitoring and investigation.

Winity Review

  • Overall
    rating 2 of 5
  • Price
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Feature
    rating 1.5 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 2 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2 of 5

Pros of Winity Windows VPS

Affordable packages

Winity has been devoted itself to offering affordable Windows VPS. So far, the company has released 3 hosting packages which are relatively cheap but come with ample server resources. You can learn the details of the packages in below.

  • Basic: $12/mo, including 1 CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD storage, 1 TB monthly data transfer and 1 dedicated IP.
  • Professional: $22/mo, including 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 75 GB SSD storage, 2 TB bandwidth and 1 IP.
  • Business: $40/mo, including 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, 4 TB bandwidth and 1 IP.

Considering the cost, the virtual servers are quite affordable, not to mention that Winity also offers extra discounts sometimes. Besides, additional bandwidth is charged $7/mo per TB.

In addition, Winity allows multiple billing cycles, so you can pay your bills monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually based on your own preference. If you choose a term longer than 1 month, you will receive a small reduction on the total hosting fee.

Fast hardware and network

Winity uses high performance Supermicro servers that are built with custom specifications. At present, all the servers feature dual Intel core, 384 GB RAM, SSD drives, RAID disk arrays and 2×1 Gbps uplinks.

Winity servers are placed in 3 data centers which are located in Orlando, FL, Los Angeles, CA and Kent, UK. However, none of the data centers is operated by Winity, and in the signup process, you will find that Winity only allows one location to be chosen – Orlando.

Fortunately, the data center in Orlando can deliver good speed to most geographical locations in the US with the adoption of multiple network carriers, BGP routing, and 24×7 on-site NOC.

According to our monitoring, the hosting speed of Winity is not excellent, but it is still good. The server response time is around 370ms. You can read the following results for an overall judgment.

Winity Server Response Speed

Limitations of Winity Windows VPS

It seems that Winity has sacrificed much for the goal of offering affordable Windows VPS, such as the customizability and ease of use. Before making a purchase, you must decide whether you can accept the following restrictions.

Limited payment method

For payment processing, Winity does not even accept any credit card. Instead, it only allows PayPal, which is unreasonable. Although PayPal is secure, it is not as convenient as credit cards as you will always have to renew your account manually. Any forgetting will result in account suspension or even termination.

Custom-built control panel

Every VPS comes with a custom control panel which helps you complete simple tasks regarding your account and websites. Along with Hyper-V virtualization, this control panel enables you to reinstall, stop and restart your VPS in an easy way. However, the lack of aesthetic design and advanced security control makes it not a really good option.

Winity also gives users another option for the control panel – Plesk, but this option costs additional $20/mo for the unlimited domain license.

No customization option

All of Winity Windows VPS plans are allotted with a fixed amount of server resources, so when you sign up with the company and set up a server, there is no option to scale the storage, memory, number of CPU core or bandwidth. The only thing you can decide by yourself is whether to buy extra IP addresses. In this case, you cannot tailor your own server.

However, most other Windows VPS providers offer good flexibility in scaling up and down the server resources.

High requirements on technical skills

Winity virtual servers are only pre-installed with the Windows Server 2012 R2 datacenter edition. For any other thing you want to use, such as the SQL server, mail server, and MySQL, you have to install it by yourself with the administrator access offered by Winity.

In addition, no quick-install tool is available, which makes the company not a good option for those with little knowledge about server configuration.

Poor uptime

Winity guarantees that all of the data centers they use have robust facility and multiple layers of redundancy. However, their main data center provider, HostDime, has been criticized frequently for downtimes. And this back luck has come to Winity, too.

This web host does not offer an uptime guarantee officially. We have conducted a long-time monitoring, and found that it can barely deliver 99.9% uptime in a single month. In most times, the average uptime floats from 99.78% to 99.88%. You can read the statistics for the last 30 days in below.

Winity Uptime

Ticket support only

Winity only offers support through tickets. If you send a support request via any other method, it is probable that you will not get any speedy response not to mention a solution. The only piece of good news is that the ticket support is available 24×7.

In terms of the customer service and technical support of Winity, there are many other disadvantages. Some of them are listed in below.

  • You cannot contact the billing or support team via live chat or phone.
  • No email address or contact form is offered for non-customers to send messages to the billing or support team. Facebook and Twitter might be the only places for a communication.
  • No knowledgebase is maintained. A blog does exist, but it is not used for sharing tutorials or technical tips.

3-day money back guarantee

Winity does provide a refund guarantee, but the period is quite short – only 3 days. Besides, the time starts to be calculated as soon as an order is completed instead of when the server is set up. Only if you terminate the service within 72 hours after the account is created, can you gain a refund for the money paid for the VPS.

After the first 72 hours of service delivery, there is no possibility to ask for any refund even if you have pre-paid the hosting fee for a whole year. So, be careful when choosing the billing cycle in the unlikely case that you have decided to try a VPS offered by Winity.

Other notes

Besides the disadvantages discussed above, you also need to pay extra attention to the following things.

  • Winity virtual servers are not allowed for hosting Minecraft, Torrents, VPN, or any Chinese private game websites or servers.
  • With one VPS, you can only send out a maximum of 50 emails on an hourly basis. Violation to this rule will lead to account suspension. But you can ask the support team to raise the limit by submitting a ticket.
  • If your VPS uses its CPU core(s) at peak for 2 hours or 0.75 of one core for over 6 hours, it will get suspended.

The Final Judgment – Should You Try Winity?

Personally speaking, we do not suggest Winity for Windows VPS since there is nearly no advantage except for the cheap price. The uptime is bad; support is limited, and you cannot tailor a VPS for your need, either.

For the alternative, we would recommend Host4ASP.NET, a US based Windows hosting provider offering both shared hosting and VPS. This company offers:

  • Complete flexibility in deciding the amount of storage, memory, CPU core and bandwidth on a VPS.
  • Free WebSitePanel & automated backups.
  • Over 99.95% uptime on average & fast page loads.

For more information, read this Host4ASP.NET review.

Winity ASP.NET Hosting

Plan Basic
Regular Price $12/mo
Discount N/A
Coupon Code N/A
Effective Price $12/mo
Purchase Security
Full Refund Trial 3 Days
Anytime Pro-Rated Money Back No
Credit Card No
PayPal Yes
Check No
Basic Features
Free Domain N/A
Addon Domain Unlimited
Hosting Sites Unlimited
Disk Space 40 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB
FTP Account N/A
Email Yes
Green Powered No
OS Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition
Trust Level Full
Application Pool N/A
Classic ASP N/A
Silverlight N/A
MSSQL Usage Unspecified
Extra Technology
URLRewrite2 N/A
Remote IIS Management N/A
SQL Management Studio Access N/A
Web Matrix N/A
MS Web Deploy N/A
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